Episode 11

Published on:

13th Nov 2023

Stacy Schiemann: Leading the Way

In this episode of Ashland Connected, Amy Daubenspeck talks with United Way of Ashland County Executive Director Stacy Schiemann about leading an organization that leads others to serve. In good times and in bad, Stacy Schiemann is on the front lines with her team and the Ashland community helping everyone in this county be the best they can be.

Stacy talks about the needs of Ashland County, and how her partnership with the Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce helps to foster strong relationships to maintain a strong ability to serve others in need.

Ashland Connected is brought to you by the Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce, and sponsored by the Bill Harris Dealerships.

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Ashland Connected
Ashland Connected with Amy Daubenspeck is a podcast that shares information about Ashland business owners, the impact they make in our town, and ways they connect with others to make it happen together. This podcast, brought to you by the Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce and Bill Harris Dealerships aims to shine a light on all that is, and all that can be when it comes to doing business in Ashland Ohio.

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Amy Daubenspeck is the Director of Operations at the Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce, and Director with Explore Ashland Convention and Visitors Bureau. Amy is very interested in building relationships within our community and working together to make Ashland the best place to live, work, play, and raise a family.